The unlocking process is very simple, follow the steps described below:

How to find the number  IMEI/MEID, the CDN and the ICCID of the IOS device.?

1. Dial * #06 #
2. If you have an iPhone 11 or later, your IMEI is printed on the back of the device
3. If your iPhone is not activated, there will be a small button «i » on the screen, press it and you will see the IMEI
4. Find the serial number in configuration and the IMEI/MEID in the SIM tray only for these models: iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus.
5. Find the serial number of the by connecting it device in iTunes

How to find the serial number?
6. Go to Settings > General > information

7. On the back for these models:

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5.

8. On these devices, find the serial number and the IMEI/MEID in the SIM: iPhone 3g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (Model GSM), iPhone 4s

9. Find the serial number of the iPad Pro, iPad or iPod touch on the back of the device

10. Instructions in the Picture:

How to check the iCloud Activation lock status

Check IMEI blacklist.

Check if your iDevice is reported on blacklists.
Check iPhone carrier free online, through any specialized web site.

Download iCloud Unlock Removal Full .

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Follow step by step and generates the necessary files to complete the release.

1 You enter in the field that is displayed below the IMEI or SERIAL.
2 Press the button generate
3. Wait 1 minute
4.Press the download button to access the download platform.

In this process online, create custom files for each device, files may not be used in another, each generation creates unique files to the device that I consult. Congratulations then run iTunes in its most recent version. Download files according to your operating system, Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Also, make sure that your USB cable works well and is reliable.


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